Earn interest on your digital cash*

Voluto is a high-interest savings account alternative with no lock-up period.

33 565 157.34 € is currently earning 5.6%* annual interest

*interest rate changes frequently based on supply and demand, check the historical graph.

How much could I earn?

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Yearly earnings

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Yearly earnings

How it works?

Voluto connects your funds with a digital cash pool on the Compound platform. Interest is generated by borrowers, who take out loans from the pool and secure them using their own funds.

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Instant account creation

It takes just 2 minutes to download the app, create a Voluto account and deposit to start earning.
Currently only available in Europe.

Small minimum deposit

Start earning with as little as €20.

Zero fees

Earning with Voluto is completely free of charge. There are no transaction, administration or platform fees involved.

Withdraw anytime

You can withdraw your funds with all your earned interest anytime.

33 million+

amount in digital cash pools




average yield

3 382


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5.60 %

1.00 %

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0.05 %

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average rating on App store and Google play

Rimante United Kingdom

I love the effortless experience using Voluto and the flexibility to access my funds on demand. The team has been nothing but amazing, always quick to help!

Sorin Germany

Very good, transparent and reliable product. It's awesome to see finances growing and the customer service is really fast. Looking forward to the debit card release.

Ed Germany

Voluto is amazing - just transfer your funds and let it grow. Very addictive! The support team is also super fast. Can’t wait to see what’s on the roadmap.

Coming soon

Debit Card for daily activities

Soon, Voluto accounts will be linked with a debit card that is perfect for daily transactions and managing your money. All the while, the funds in your account will keep earning interest 24/7.